Construction Security

Secure Your Build Site

Secure Your Build Site

Hire a security guard to keep watch

When your crew leaves your construction site for the day, a lot of valuable equipment and materials are left unsupervised. While setting up security cameras will help you identify a burglar, it won't stop the crime. Hire a security guard with 609 Security to give your job site an extra level of protection.

Day or night, we'll keep a close eye on your site to intervene and notify the police of any incidents. Contact us today to schedule security services for your construction site.

Why your construction site needs a security team

If your construction site is in an area with lots of crime, your employees and equipment could be in danger. Having a security guard on site can:

  • Make your employees feel safer and be more productive
  • Protect your equipment from damage or theft
  • Give you a professional to deal with unwanted trespassers

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our security services.