Night Clubs

Keep Your Club Safe

Keep Your Club Safe

Employ a night club security guard based in Manahawkin, NJ

A great venue combined with great drinks and excited patrons is the recipe for a good night. However, a few unruly guests can make your fun night club into a boxing ring. You need a night club security guard to watch over your establishment. 609 Security is a team of SORA-certified security professionals based in Manahawkin, NJ. You can count on our night club professional security to keep the peace.

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Avoid common issues for night club owners

Owning a night club can be immensely profitable, but only if you avoid common pitfalls like:

  • Losing profits to employee pilfering and external theft
  • Losing your liquor license because of underage drinking
  • Facing liability charges because of bar fights

Our night club professional security can deter vandals, thieves and unruly patrons by working the door and the floor. Schedule a security consultation with us in or around Manahawkin, NJ today.