On New Year's Eve, I was engaged to perform piano onstage with at Renault Winery Resort in Egg Harbor City, NJ. In the pouring, drenching rain-while unloading my equipment before the show-I managed to lose a valuable and sentimental diamond ring that had been on my finger. I had no idea where it landed. While frantically searching in the parking lot for the ring in the torrential storm, a friendly young man named Kendrick drove up to me and asked if I needed some assistance. I told him what happened. He told me he was sorry to hear about this and drove away. I was still several hundred feet away from him when he stopped his vehicle at the entrance to the parking lot. Meanwhile, I continued to search for the ring. Kendrick shouted to me from across the lot saying that he thought he found what I was missing. In the downpour, he walked all the way across the lot to where I was standing. He showed me the ring I had lost-asking me if it this was it. Dumbfounded, I answered him affirmatively. I was simply astonished that he had discovered it. He said he was pulling out of the lot and that my ring was just lying there in the middle of the street. He told me that it "winked" at him when his headlights reflected off the diamond! Incredible story-but absolutely true! By now, my suit and I were both thoroughly soaked but I didn't care. When I asked, Kendrick told me he worked for 609-Security which provides security services to Renault Winery & Resort. Kendrick had two choices when he found my ring: slip it into his pocket or return it to its rightful owner. Choosing the latter showed not only the decency of this man, but also his acting in a totally honest and professional manner as a representative of the company which employed him. It is a rarity when I meet young people with such solid character and praiseworthiness. Kendrick is an extraordinary asset to 609-Security. He represents the finest example of what an employee should be that works for a company such as yours. THANK YOU, KENDRICK! And Thank You 609-Security for maintaining such high standards in the people whom you employ to represent your company.

Andy Kahn

The entire night went as perfectly as it could. Although my brother attempted to make waves tonight as expected your team mitigated and managed everything that we needed. Thank you. Sincerely, for allowing my mothers special night to go off without any interference. They were professional, and 100% the best. Please let me know if there's anything I can do as far as a review or reference to support your team, and their exceptional ability to provide the comfort and Safety of a wonderful evening

Bride's Son

I would like to say first of all. An incident did happen at my wedding reception. Your team was so good that I didn't even know about it till A few days later when my son told me. They were beyond amazing. Please let me know how you want me to pay this invoice.


Troy and his team has always provided top notch service and guidance with all events I have organized or facilitated. I highly recommend him and his team for smaller or larger events.

James R Monster Energy Drink

Well trained and very professional crew. Impeccable and reliable as well. Would highly recommend.

Toby Sweeney Owner Terrace Tavern

We've used 609 Security for a variety of events from small gatherings, to full scale festivals. Troy and his team are quick and clear with communication leading up to the event, and professional and courteous to all our guests the day of the event.

Cory Higgins Owner Jetty

This crew is top notch. I've been a DJ where these guys are working, and I've never felt safer. Great crew and they know how to keep things under control!

DJ Andy Rivera